Music Moment: Portishead, “We Carry On”

23 Mar


Was a very interesting day today. Spent a long time during my work seeing the realities of the Icelandic worker’s collective bargaining power in a 2 hour union meeting. It was certainly an eye opener… actually it was all i could do to stay awake, but the outcome from it all left a very bad taste in the mouth. Perhaps i shall expunge on it more in the next couple of days. The power of militancy compels me comrades!

but onto slightly more mundane things like some evening music, and you know what, I’m going for a bit of a neo-classic. Was anyone else was as much relieved as impressed when PORTISHEAD’S last album “Third” came out after wait what seemed like a gazillion years? Me too, although the wife still prefers the 1st album “Dummy” the most. Ok it’s good, but Third is probably the best of the lot IMHO. and this track is one of my standouts. Has that woozy unsettling Kasbah rhythm and atonal electronics that make it sound more like the house band for a bar  in the Interzone of Burroughs’ “Naked Lunch”. Nice one!


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One response to “Music Moment: Portishead, “We Carry On”

  1. Risto Paalanen / Taphead

    March 25, 2011 at 1:45 pm


    I keep contrasting this with Massive Attack’s Heligoland, and MA comes up a just wee bit short. (Or, christ, Gil Scott-Heron’s new album? That’s what I was expecting from Massive Attack. But now I’m just rambling my disappointment, so carry on.)

    Oh and hey, first time commenting here! Keep up the good work, dude.


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