Saturday Night fighting Music: 80’s Training Movie montage explosion… IN YOUR FACE!!!

26 Mar

Hoorah the weekend is here! And that can mean only one thing. Packs and swarms of knuckleheaded oiks on the rampage to generate flashpoints of wanton joyless debauchery and their ham-fisted attempts to charm the opposite sex by subtlely getting their hand down womans underwear, breaking out into violent spurts of rage when said women don’t immediately fall for their charms of “can i see your tits?”

But not me as I’m off to the CCP FANFEST! Oh yeah i will be sharing a large hall space with a few hundred die-hard internet gamers of varying degrees of personal hygiene, and all to experience the delights of Booker Shade and FM Belfast. At least my good friends Sindri and Petúr will be there so i won’t end up trying to commit alcohol assisted suicide.

But i need to get in the right physical shape and frame of mind first. I need to chop some logs and pull some peasants on a cart up a snowy mountain…

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