Music Moment: Burial “Street Halo”

28 Mar


Well I’ve managed to get back on an even keel (sort of) after some frankly moronic amounts of partying this weekend. Spectacular gigs on Friday AND Saturday along with copious amounts of alcohol and associated risky behaviour meant that my psyche was pretty much slashed and burned on Sunday, so apologies for no cult movie yesterday. I promise normal service will be resumed next week. Will probably not have a weekend like that for a while. As venerated detective Sergeant Murtaugh quipped “I’m getting too old for this shit”.  But i managed to rattle off my review of the CCP Fanfest gig on Saturday. which is pretty much amazing after the volume made my ears fall and die in exquisite pain. Now onto those bloody music reviews.

But before i go to bed let’s get some night music. the latest single from BURIAL , “street halo” is out. And fuck it’s gooooood. All the usual Burial motifs are there – the spectral background noises and wind rushes. the slightly skewed “popping” beats, echoed vocals, etc. But there is a muscular bass throb going on there which would make this the perfect track for that secret Cthulhu rave. The Dank and wetness permeates the whoel record.

I’m making a new mix over the weekend and this is almost certain to go into it. There, that’s all i’m going to tell you about that!

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