Music Moment: Arbouretum, “Song of the Nile”

29 Mar


God i feel slightly broken. Been writing other little bits and pieces, but i really don’T feel i should be wiring opinion pieces. I tend to come across at best, snarky, at worst, a fucking whiner. But hey we’ll see how that pans out. Tomorrow it will be all about the music baby as i finish some reviews and take a break. Maybe even write a proper little piece for these hallowed pages.

but until then i want a proper wig out before i get to bed. I’ve heard a couple of tracks from the latest album from psych rock band ARBOURETUM who hail from the sunny shores of my good mate Paul Nikolov’s town of Baltimore, and it’s an album that I’ve been meaning to getting around to buy. They do that timeless heavy psych rock to it that’s a slightly lighter version of the sort of stuff you´d hear from the likes of Bardo Pond. But they also suffuse an element of 70’s folk to the proceedings. I was going to post a live video to the track “Destroying to Save”, but then this track was posted by my good friend Nigredo on the Whitechapel forums and this is a MUCH better song.


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