Reykjavik Grapevine: Live Review: CCP Fanfest, “RAVER MADNESS HITS REYKJAVÍK”

30 Mar
So my review of the concert at the CCP fanfest has appeared on the interwubs. You can read it here.
Just a couple of extra little things.
– The tall Belgian man who spoke no English also had on his person a  LARGE bottle of Landi moonshine and proceed to gently “Force” several gulps down my gullet. This may have had a small bearing on the rather messy state i found myself in the next morning. Also said Belgian was eventually thrown out of the building for repeatedly trying to rush the stage while waring a massive tourists backpack.
– Also met a guy who said “Aren’t you that Icelandbob on twitter”. I immediately said no (you enver know who you enemies are), but when i eventually confessed that i was he introduced himself as Keith Nielson who i know better as Mandrill. A fine fellow indeed.
– Apparently the guy who sang with the PartyZone DJs was a guy called Alan Jone who sang the song “Tell Me Why”, but for some reason i can’t seem to find a copy of this song anywhere on the net. Was it all in my head? Can’t have been after i actually got the guy to write it in my notepad!
– Managed to get backstage TWICE and only managed to steal one can of beer when there were nearly SIX fridges of the stuff! Must be getting old, though i will say my powers of walking through with a friend shouting “PRESS!” are still there.
– I think the internet stream show looked excellent from where i was standing with my face pressed in the windowlicker position up against the booth. Almost wish i stayed in and reviewd it from home.  Probably would have managed to cut out the bass mixing problems as well….
– I was Sick as a dog the next morning….
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