Music Moment: Mellow Doubt, “Burn One”

04 Apr

Evenin’ all…..

A weird little day it has been. Have been working late shifts at my day job so it means i don’t get home till about 9pm.  so my timing and other works pieces are a little skewed. But no matter. Managed to get my NIT mix out into the cloud ether and am about to send some reviews off to my “deep throat” contact. So all in all a fairly good day considering that i had to wait in the bloody cold for 35 minutes because Iceland can’t seem to do things like run a normal bus service. I certainly hope my friend Paul Nikolov asks the Straetó head honcho  Einar Örn Benediktsson “Y U NO GET UR ACT TOGETHER???”

But there’s the music. there’s always the music. And tonight there’s a bit of witchery house flux going on with the latest video from New Zealand act MELLOW DOUBT. This track has some of the hallmarks of witch house (heavy overloaded synth), but along with the likes of Modern Witch and Tearist, seem to add some elements of goth rock and post punk in there too.  Oh there are women in underdresses levitating while on fire, which only be a good thing, right?


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