Podcast: Nordic Interstitial Thresholds – “The Stalin Stormsker Schröedinger Solution…”

04 Apr
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yes it’s beginning of the month and that can mean only one thing. Yes it’s time for my alter ego to be let loose on the airwaves again with a new podcast!

The basis for this one was from my lovely friend mr William Elwood, who asked me “wt sort of music would be playing if you were conducting truth experiments on your cat?” An interesting question posed there. Well, as my cat is always kept in a box and is neither alive or dead,  i often have to listen to a mix of obscures 80’s gothic post punk and angular electronics sounds just to make sure that he does escape the box and spread his vileness into the surrounding area.

So please listen to it at your leisure. You can also download a copy HERE.

Note – the artist known as “Mystery Artist” is actually named ▲⃝ ▲⃝ ▲⃝, but thanks to their use of awkward symbols, Mixcloud won’t recognise their name. Bloody witch House hipsters.

Also a big word up to the guys at BLACKEST EVER BLACK for the inspiration for a couple of the tracks here (The Lines, Sandra Electronics). These guys seriously KNOW. THEIR. MUSIC. Go and visit them…

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