Music Dump: LFO, “Frequencies”

05 Apr

Right as i am little bit pushed for time right now, i have to get myself  right into this post with no funny build ups or shit. It’s been a little while since the last dump anyway….

So even though i haven’t done a music memories post since…. forever, one of the things i have mentioned is that there are tunes that to this day, make you go “Woah!!! FUCK YEAH!!”.  And it happened last time to me while i was working the door at Bakkus. alas i was a little busy so i couldn’t join in the fun, but it was this track…


Out of all of the early techno tracks, this mix of bleep and bass was just about note perfect for my teenage ears. It was of course the lead track “LFO” by LFO. although LFO went on to create more great albums on the WARP label, they never really managed to reach the same level of musical synchronicity that they did with their debut album “Frequencies”, released in 1991. Like other acts such as 808 State and Orbital, they would end up being remembered for a particular place and type of music set in time., and alas all their later releases would be judged on that period and found (rather unfairly) to be wanting.

But having said that, some fo their music from the album is incredibly forward-looking. Tracks such as “Simon From Sydney”, have this weird minimal feel to it that kind of predates anything that would be done by the likes of Pan Sonic by almost a decade.


To this day nearly all of the music on that album still sounds fresh and zings along your eardrums at a fair old pace. Some of it even sounds a little like the early stuff that the likes of Gus Gus was releasing, but of course better.


If you haven’T already got this album, then this is a must for your collection. I honestly can’t impress on you enough to get this.

Of course if you want to try FREQUENCIES by LFO, then you can try it HERE.

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