Music Moment: Fela Kuti, “Roforofo Fight”

05 Apr


God i feel tired

It’s been a long day and i’Ve been getting pains all across my upper body today. Plus i received a bit a of crappy news from the home front today, so the evening has been on a bit of a massive downer. So maybe i should try to cheer myself up and stuff. Perhaps some music would help,. Masturbation also helps, but i don’t think i should show THaT to you creepy voyeurs…

so here is something to get you pulses raised a little bit. It’s one of the defining tracks from retro Stefson’s grandad, FELA KUTI, the man who would be the first to bridge western music with African rhythm, or as we now all call it Afrobeat. His music and his work as a political and human rights campaigner is now canon, but this is one of his best tracks IMHO, from his 1972 album of the same name.  It’s almost a weird african version of the Motorik rhythm that goes “chukka-chuk chukka-chuk” but just keeps on moving along. what you need to dance to on a warm July’s evening in a beer garden in london with some decent mojitos

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