Music Moment: In Camera, “Fragments of Fear”

07 Apr


Well today has been a day where i sometimes wonder why i open my big mouth really. Oh, don’t worry, it’s nothing too bad, but i do sometimes agree to do certain things where i go “Really? Why the hell did i agree to that?”

First thing is that next week there is a small music festival happening in this fair city, title the REYKJAVIK MUSIC MESS that will have loads of local acts (and a couple of Nordic ones too…. and Deerhunter!). And guess who said yes to being a special tour guide for concert goers that weekend along with Kristján, the drummer with Reykavik!, Prins Póló and mogul over at Kimi records? Yup you guessed it , moi. Better get my special tour guides hat dry cleaned.

Oh and i also organised an interview for next monday with one of Iceland’s better known female singers. It should be very interesting, especially if i ask her what’s her favourite cheese, or if Kafka and Camus were influences on her songwriting style. All good fun and frolics it will be!

As for tonight’s track i’m still bingeing on lots of spectral 80’s post punk. Take tonight’s band ,IN CAMERA. A band from London, they released a few 12″ singles on 4AD, with the obligatory John Peel session, before slipping into obscurity. Although most of the time they sounded very much like a clone of Public Image Ltd, from the minimal scratchy atonal guitar, right down to the singer who even whined on record a lot like John Lydon, they nonetheless had a couple of bright spots, such as this song. Great video as well, inspired by the fluxus themed visual art of Wolf Vostell. Waah, that is WAY too much culture for one blog posting. Need to tone it down in future.


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