Spare some change for a cup of tea Guv’nor? Amelia Ray “Scenes from an Icelandic Novel” fundraiser

09 Apr

for all those who know who i am, I’m pretty much a heartless individual. I laugh at children who’ve dropped their ice cream into the mud. I smirk when the cute seal pup gets torn to pieces by the evil killer whale on those wildlife documentaries. I’d even make desperate people masturbate for coins if it brough a chink of happiness to my day. Basically, if they opened up my chest they find a carbonated  piece of toast where my heart should be.

But if someone asks for my help in the right way (and massages my ego at the same time), then even my diseased conscience starts to feel strange pangs which may be empathy, or it could be heartburn. Take a couple of days ago when i received an e-mail from a woman named AMELIA RAY.


I found your blog following a link from Yet Another Angry Mob’s page. I enjoyed reading your reviews for the Grapevine. I’m doing some networking to raise awareness about my next album, Scenes from an Icelandic Novel, which is based on a novel by Gunnar Gunnarsson. If you’d like to hear it, I can send you links to some of the tracks. We’re in the middle of a fund drive right now, and would be grateful for any support/promotion. You can check out the story the video and the fund drive here:

Thanks so much, and have a great day,

Amelia Ray

Wow, an actual concept album based on the novel “The Black Cliffs” by Icelandic novelist Gunnar Gunnarsson. And she needs our help to make it happen too! There is also a small promotional video to go with this fundraiser.

And there is even a track from the album, “Jon evens the score” that you can hear below.

As for the music, it’s certainly a lot better that most of the usual Icelandic pop crap and a hell of a lot rootsier and funkier. A minimum $10 donation (approx 1200ISK) will ensure a pre release download copy of the album. Now i don’t know of the power i may hold over people on the internets, but all i can say is, help a sister out making some decent music. I’m certain it will ensure that it will imporve your Karma to the point that you won´t end up as a sea cucumber in you next life.

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