Music Moment: Hiatus, “Insurrection (feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson)”

11 Apr


Hup hup Hup! It’s been a fairly good day down her at the farm. got some new ear bud nubbins for listening to music after my last pair disintegrated on me. Seriously, if there is a fabled pair of “indestructible headphones” out there, i need to know about it! It was also good in that i managed to conduct a lovely and constructive interview with Icelandic Pop Pixie Diva LÁRA RÚNARS. She was so lovely and sweet, and that was even after i looked all red-faced, panting and a little sweaty (i left my wallet back at the flat and had to run back and get it!). The fruits of this discussion will hopefully be borne in the coming weeks…

As for tonight’s music, there’s been an interesting track that been on my YouTube playlist for a couple of weeks now but was officially released today. Now many people may not know this, but on this day 30 years ago, Brixton in South London erupted in a series of massive riots not seen for decades. This happened when the state and police thought it would be a really clever idea to use old Victorian laws to search anyone they had a suspicion of committing a crime (the notorious “Sus” Laws) and use them to target the young black populations that lived in Brixton at the time. quelle surprise when the community didn’t take too kindly to it in a big way. The end result was numerous arrest, injured people on both sides and tons of damage, but the beginnings of changes in the way that police interacted with minority communities.

This track from HIATUS features vocals and text from famous reggae beat poet LINTON KWESI JONSON, who deftly describes the anger and frustration felt at those times to a slow throbbing dub bass sound and a video with newsreel footage from the actual riots themselves. The sound of righteous anger.


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