Music Dump Special: Post Punk Month: And Also the Trees….

12 Apr

Now when i was growing up in the 80’s, i was more or less a nipper and my musical tastes were pretty much still-born. As i had no cooler older siblings to turn to, there was no usual access to the swathes of post punk and other genres that were emerging in the first half of the 80’s (i was only about 7 at the time). I also never managed to gravitate toward iconoclastic performances on TV such as The Smiths performing on Top Of The Pops, or the stuff tht was happening on the tube. No my earliest music memories was of getting a 12″ record of Father Abraham and the Smurfs, while the very first tape i ever bought was MC Hammers “please Hammer Don’t hurt ´Em”. Man, i even managed to be a member of the Big Country Fan Club in 1988, when they were looong past the point when they were good.

No, any cool music that occurred in the 1980’s would only be discovered by my good self a lot later in life. But when it did… man there was some seriously forgotten stuff from that time. I do understand when Simon Reynolds wrote at the end of his book “Rip it up and start again” about how dire music was in the indie music scene during the mid 80’s as post punk and new pop ran out of steam. But if you looked hard enough, there was still some interesting things out there in the Hinterlands.

And so, for no particular reason other than i can, i am making the month of april 80’S FORGOTTEN POST-PUNK APPRECIATION MONTH here at the Farm. And to start off, i am going to give a retrospective of one of the truly forgotten bands of the 80’s AND ALSO THE TREES.

AATT first started in the early 80’s in deepest darker Worcestershire. An early demo tape of their efforts was sent to the Cure who were so taken by the music that they  making, they were invited to support them on tour becoming close friends and an influence on their early sound. Throughout the 80’s, AATT released what you could describe as Romantic infused Goth Rock. Lots of hushed and echoed vocals with lots of reverb-drenched guitars and a gloomy demeanour that could have come about either by consumption of a decent heroin addiction. They also wrote rather poetic lyrics that were influenced by the romantic poets and classic authors such as the Bronte sisters and Henry James. From the look and style (waistcoats, long overcoats, ruffled high collar shirts) and music about the rural surroundings (they never relocated to london, preferring to stay in Worcestershire) , they harkened back to a time of the industrial revolution, of wool looms and blast furnaces, of cobbled roads, flat caps, rickets and haunted gothic buildings. sounds rather deep doesn’t it?

Anyway, the Album i’m providing for your listening pleasure is  A Retrospective 1983-1986, which contains the best tracks from their first two albums was well as their first 3 singles. This is the best album to listen to if you have never heard of them before. Even includes the track “Slow Pulse Boy”, which was features on my last podcast (why have you not heard it yet? go there now and listen to the damn thing will you??)


So if the thought of deep and introspiective goth rock tickles your fancy, then listen to And also The trees HERE

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