Music Moment: New Order, “Ceremony”

13 Apr


Well ladies and gents, i am literally dead on my feet and will be straight off to bed after this post. thanks to the truly stupendous levels of planning and communication skills that the people of Iceland are known for, i arrived at work at around 7am this morning, only to be greeted by the quizzical looks of my co-worker. “Aren’t you supposed to be on a late shift?” I replied that despite asking the bosses TWICE about this, they never got back to me. But lo and behold I WAS on a late. And then they tried to pin the blame on me! I could use this as a metaphor for the state of the nation as whole, but frankly that would be too easy. so i went home and came back later in the day and finished a full shift later. Fuck.

So now I’m off to sleepy-snoozy-bye-byes, but not before i give you a small token of my token indifference to you all. the brilliant “Ceremony” by NEW ORDER. or was it Joy Division? you know the story (written by Joy Division, sung by Ian Curtis, depression, suicide, debut single for New Order, blah, blah….). But anyway it still stands the test of time IMHO.

Now i must go and dream about replacing my skin with scales that each contains a quantum computer. And a Gun.


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