Free Music Dump: Fallen of the back of a lorry guv´nor, honest!

15 Apr

Ok so it’s my day off and already half of it is wasted due the combined brainiacs of myself and several people winning some money last night at a quiz, then proceeded to piss it up against the wall (feel the size of my intellect! woooong). But now it’s lunchtime and the day is packed, so i can’t be messing around now. For at this moment, the beast needs feeding, and the only way to keep it fed is with a constant diet of free music, otherwise he grabs little children into his cage and tears them apart…..

so the first couple of releases are rather Ghost house related, but still brilliant nonetheless. First up is “REMIXE$” by ▲⃝ ▲⃝ ▲⃝. Yup it’s another unpronounceable name. This 5 track EP contains remixes of their song “$$$▲$$$” as well as a couple of new track. Is this making any sense so far? Probably not, but the quality of the music is actually really very good. I even used track 3 in a recent podcast. More electro, house and dubstep elements are mixed into the proceedings so it’s a little more varied than the usual filthy Ghost House rumblings. Also check out their other releases (also for free) at the right hand side of their page.


And still on the realm of Free witch house music we have the “Demos” EP from a group who call themselves ᄼᄽᄾ (Great Rite), which frankly is an even more ludicrous name than the previous artist! Eventually someone is just going to name their band “. ” and be done with it. Until then, we have 3 tracks containing echoed, looped and delayed vocals with thudding funeral procession beats and heavy feedbacking synth harmonics. Perfect for linking with your inner nihilist,


Ok things have gotten just a little heavy here, so i need to lighten things up before i start getting complaints that I’m trying to incite a mass suicide cult or something. Now what do we have here…. some totally lush dream pop with a folk tinge by LEON SUMMER. Yup that will do nicely. I can’t seem to find out much about this guy as searching his name on google seems to bring up details of summer tours from Kings Of Leon. But you can ask him any questions at his blog.  But listen to the first 3 tracks on this EP and i guarantee you will be weeping tears of happy stuff like the blubbing  child that you are, admit it! This is superior Dream pop that you should listen to if you are a fan of the likes of Sin Fang and his ilk.


And keeping with the positive vibes of the last effort, my final salvo of free audio delights is the self titled debut album from Dave Segedy, otherwise known as SLEEPING BAG. Eleven track fo Lo-Fi power pop, with rattling guitar sounds and dozing partially off-key vocals that bear more than a passing resemblance to the likes of Pavement and Sebadoh. That means that this is good shit and needs to be streamed and listened to post hate. DO IT NOW!!


Now with all this free TOP QUALITY music that i’M throwing at you, you can’t complain that i don’t see my bitches right now, do you. Now go and start making me some money will you. I need to lie down…

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