so i’m doing some stuff this weekend… REYKJAVIK MUSIC MESS!!

15 Apr

So I’m off  to take part in lovely little festival over the next few nights. The REYKJAVIK MUSIC MESS Contains numerous bands from Iceland (you should all know them by now) plus a few foreign acts from Denmark, Norway and Greenland. Oh yeah, and there is also FUUUUUUCKING DEEEEEEEERHUNTER! Alas i won’t be reviewing them. As I’ve pulled the wrong straw and will covering the other venue. But for the money asked, it’s not a bad way to spend an evening.

As per usually myself and my fellow crack music journalists (who will also be on Crack i am told) will be covering all the bands, catching diseases from teenagers and offending nature, and you can read the fruits of our labours over at the REYKJAVIK GRAPEVINE this weekend. Here are some things i hope will happen this weekend…

– Dark mistress of Goth pop SÓLEY starting her set dressed in black bearing Brazilian corpse paint, tearing the heads off dolls saying “I just wanted to see if he could breathe underwater” again and again. Then stage diving into the audience.

– Arnór Dan from AGENT FRESCO stopping halfway through a song to give a 10 minute lecture on the need for Cleland to say yes to joining the EU. And the benefits of regular colonic irrigation.

LÁRA RUNARS to jump into the crowd halfway through a set  screaming “YOU WANT SOME FUCKER???” and starting a riot that leads to the closure of the Nordic House and 23 arrests.

– Fucked in the Head Death metal electro popsters LAZYBLOOD, doing an unplugged acapella set.

– Things to be well organised and run on time….HAHAHAHA!!

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