Music Moment: Mamaleek, “The Hypocrite & The Concubine”

20 Apr


I have to go to work in an hour. I really don’t want to. My head needs a decent trepanning and my body is racked with disease. I’m in that kind of mood where i’m considering licking the pint glass of every patron in the bar tonight, just so i can cause a mini epidemic of gastric flu.

But some music first. They out there said that there to blend chillwave and black metal would be madness. “It just won’t work” They said. “It would be a total Abomination” they also said.

Well i think i may have found the final musical missing link that really did not need to be discovered. It’s so different to any other metal release i’ve heard this year that it’s actually rekindled what was starting to a flagging interest in metal in general (it comes and goes in cycles). From MAMALEEK’S 3rd album “Kurdaitcha”, which is on super rare vinyl (only 150 copies), but is available as a pay-what-you-want download. Spread the word. fuck the haters.


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