Low Impulse Power: Easter Madness….

21 Apr

I mentioned in the last post that i am off to the country soon. This is because in Iceland some bloke named Brian died 2000 years ago for our sins so we can have…. a FIVE day weekend! YES! Damn Mrs Sex Farm and myself so need the break and to recharge our batteries. And in Brian’s honour, we will be eating as must lamb and chocolate as we can physically muster. Of course we won’t be doing anything like going to an actual church. That would be madness!

So this means that the Farm will be put in hibernation mode for the next few days until we get back on Sunday. I may get a chance to post a little something if i can a shot on my Father In Law computer for a chance to look at Furry porn. Maybe when they’re all out to church on Sunday.

But until then a couple of little thing. First up, here is a piece of the Liver performance between SUDDEN WEATHER CHANGE and EINAR ÖRN (Sugarcubes, Ghostigital) at the Reykjavik Music Mess Last THursday at Sódóma. Sounds very weird, frantic and doomy. But why don’t you have a listen to it yourself!


And last but not least i leave you with the latest video from my good friend ARNLJÓTUR. A major multi-instrumentalist, he does weird shit with tape decks that has to be seen to be believed. The video is for “Trútt” from his 2008 album “Listauki”. Lots of deep bottomless new age drones to swallow you up like an aural immersion tank. Perfect for easter Sunday.

See you all on Sunday…

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