Music Dump (post-Punk Special) – Pink Military “Do Animals Believe In God (1980)”

25 Apr

Good afternoon there my little gnats of fury. During the entire easter break, just about the whole of Iceland ground to a halt, including this blog. and while things have slowly started picking up today, (except for the supermarkets. All we have to eat is 2 raw onions, a chilli and a can of Irn Bru), this blog marches on relentless. And as there was no music dump last week, i think it’s only right and fair that we give you covetous bastards something to stop your whining.

Continuing in the theme of Post-Punk madness, this week we go to the city of Football, the Beatles and really aggressive guys with bad dress sense and large moustaches. Of course I’m talking about the city of Liverpool. Now compared to other cities of the north that had a rich post punk history (Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds), Liverpool never had a massive scene to speak of. There were bands such as Echo and the Bunnymen and The Teardrop Explodes, but below them, things were a bit thin on the ground. There was one band though that became a breeding ground for people who would go on to make success elsewhere. BIG IN JAPAN included the likes of Bill Drummond (KLF), Ian Broudie (The Lightning Seeds), Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) and David Balfe (creator of Food records). When the band split, singer Jane Casey would go on to create the band PINK MILITARY. They released only one album, which is one featured today, “Do Animals Believe in God?”

Released in 1980, The album is slightly minimalistic and switching between darkwave goth, disco-punk and soft piano led pop, ideas continuously spill out from the speakers and as a result it’s a very difficult album to pin down. Only a couple of things remain constant. these are Casey’s vocals, whether it’s softly spoken with a put on continental accent, or whooping it up  ala Bow Wow Wow. the other is the slight feeling of melancholy and despondency. It sold poorly on its release, but has since become regarded as one of those “lost” pieces of post punk history. the band split up shortly after as Casey went on to have more success with Pink Industry.

So if you want to get your hands on some seriously underrated music and also be able to act all-knowing and knowledgable, the give “Do animals Believe in God?” a try.


You can try “Do Animals Believe in God?” HERE

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