Music Moment: Tartar Lamb, “II: 2nd Movement”

25 Apr


God where did that 5-day weekend go? Damn it, work and grinding normality tomorrow. But at least i don’t have the usual existential crisis that seems to envelop me on most Sunday nights (Mostly alcohol and chemical induced amongst other things). Yes, this is me on a good feeling!

And what do i like to listen to? Well jazz of course. Well not your normal jazz, more like doom jazz that’s FUCKED IN THE HEAD. The sort of shit you play to pregnant women to ensure that their breast milk curdles. And the latest album from TARTAR LAMB  more than fits the bill.  Tartar Lamb are the core duo of Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya, of avant-garde jazz rock group Kayo Dot (So already you know that this thing will be heavier than Texas). They started specifically to perform and record Toby’s long-form violin and electric guitar duet, “60 Metonymies”, but they’ve since released a second album, “Polyimage of Known Exits”, which is even more inhuman than before.

This track, “2nd movement”, has rumbling bass sounds more likely to be found doom metal, with tension inducing cocktail jazz saxophone lines and some truly horrific noises being made with unknown instruments (especially in the last few minutes) . It’s like if Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore made the soundtrack to an episode of “A Touch Of Frost”, except an episode with incest, multiple murders, forced infant cannibalism, and setting animal livestock on fire before disemboweling them with a sharp knife. Or an episode of “millenium” if you prefer.


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