Music Moment: Ice Age, “White Rune”

26 Apr


I seem to be showing my age. Either that or i am getting a severe case of the RSI’s. Have spent the past 3 hours working on  a massive documents that i will be posting to a friend about band suggestions and stuff. It’s taken up just about all of my evening to the point where my main writing job had to take a back seat. MUST START AGAIN TOMORROW. But it wasn’t all bad, as i managed to acquire and find some rather interesting little piece of music that has made me go “ooooh” in a slightly creepy way.

Take tonight’s music moment from ICE AGE. the are a feisty trio from Denmark who make rather angry intelligent punk music that feel like it’s about to evolve either into some rather haunting post punk music, or rather mysterious hardcore music ála Sex Vid. They’ve just released their debut album  “new Brigade” which is completely fucking excellent if i say so myself. While they’ve made a really good (if albeit messy video) for their track Broken Bone (which you can view here), tonight track is the slightly doomy “white Rune”, that’s posted along to a fan made video. I must keep a track of these young Gentlemen if only to keep me current wid da yout.


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