Music Moment: Tones on Tail, “Rain”

28 Apr


It’s been a cruise control day today really. Almooooost have my main feature done, and it should be all scrubbed up be next week at the latest. and that wasn’t when i was bringing some closure to that whole musiktilraunir nonsense. Now i can forget about that for another 12 months. Have also realised that the way this weekend is fixed (working both nights, plus a surprise party and 2 guests), means that i will be feeling like I’ve been fucked by a truck come sunday. And i don’t really like being fucked by trucks.

Oh well, there’ still the music to fall back on. Like tonight’s lovely little gem. For those who don’t know TONES ON TAIL was the side project of Bauhuas guitarist Daniel Ash and a couple of his old school friends. Instead of going for the more guitar led stuff with his day job, TOT had more of a electronic pop feel with a few bleak tassels of doom to give it a little bit of edge. They only lasted for But some of the music they made was really nice. Like tonight’s track “Rain” which is the closing track from their debut album “Pop”. It’s 8 minutes long and has some rather ghostly ambient sounds that flit in and out of your aural range and wouldn’t feel too out-of-place on a Boards of Canada record. It’s not until 4 minutes when the actual pop tune kicks in. almost makes me want to spark off a whole “they don’t make music like this these days” rant at da youf.


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