Sunday Cult Movie Corner: “Dog Soldiers (2002)”

01 May

God it’s rather late in the day, so i best not waste your time with silly pleasantries and inane banter. You want your cult film fix and you want it NOW! and some crisps, yes, some crisps as well!

Tonight we are going for a film that is rather new, but not only did it kick-start the directors career, it also manged to spark a bit of life into what had become a tired old sector of the horror genre, the werewolf movie. Ladies and gentlemen, i give to you Neil Marshall’s DOG SOLDIERS.

Although he makes slightly ludicrous overblown movies now (Doomsday was a bit of a mess wasn’t it?), Neil Marshall’s first couple of feature films were very tense, lean deposits of adrenalin fun. Dog Soldier was his first feature and as calling cards go, it’s a rather bold statement.

The plot is simple. A group of soldiers on exercise in the Scottish highlands, come across the scene of a massacre of what seems to be a military black ops unit. As they make their escape with the survivor and a female zoologist, they ‘re set upon by what seems to be a pack of werewolves. Holing up in a remote cabin, the must try to survive the night and also uncover what the black ops survivor is hiding from them.

Although the film isn’t going to win any major awards, Marshall certainly directs with a fair bit of flair and passion. The premise is rather unoriginal (Defending a cottage against attack = Assault on Precinct 13 = Zulu = Rio Bravo), but the interplay between the characters is sparky and energetic. It’s also an amazing movie in that it actually has a very good performance by Sean Pertwee. Yes you read that, he is actually really good in this film, as is Kevin McKidd as his second in command. The only main drawback is that the werewolves aren’t that scary (mostly due to budget restraint most likely), but it was certainly one fo the better horror films i saw that year and was a much-needed shot in the arm to the British horror movie franchise.

So get some bacon sandwiches, some bits of silver and watch a good rollicking tale of things that howl in the night…. Oooooo!

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