Music Moment: Ekoplekz, “Pro Rebus”

04 May


Well it’s been a knackering day with lots of little bits and pieces that have slowly stacked up like the work pancake mountain from hell. On top of this, I’m  working on a late shift which means I’m typing this and sleeping at the same time! It’s an art, I’ll tell you that.

Well it seems my last cloudcast has received a fair bit of attention and got mercilessly pimped on the last 24 hours, not just by myself but many others as well. So a big thanks to Those guys over at THE GRAPEVINE, Wim Van Hoost over at ICELANDIC MUSIC MAFFIA and last but not least,my internet sugar daddy, WARREN ELLIS, for putting the shout outs ot the masses. I think this now means that I may have to start taking this whole podcast thing seriously now. Damn….

I was going to post some music from Com Truise tonight, but I’ve been listening to the “Fountain Square EP”, the latest release from EKOPLEKZ over the last few days. The lead track is fairly heavy on the DIY dub theme while the other tracks seem to have a cut and paste ambient bubble wrap feel with lots of slightly distorted analogue throbs and ebbs. A very “head space” listen.But i’m actually going to play “Pro Rebus”, which is a track from his “Volume 2” CD release from last year. Lots of dub sweeps and a slightly harsh edged, grinding synth loop. Love it.


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