Music Dump: Post Punk Special: Minimal Compact, “Lowlands Flight”

05 May

(when you’ve worked a late shift, followed by a few drinks at the pub, it’s always good to have your blog post done as a draft beforehand. Just sayin’….)

So, i have realised that it’s that time of the week again where in order to placate the massed throng of slobbering, anxious beasts that DEMAND SOME QUALITY MUSIC and are banging at my cyber door, i need to take this carefully prepared package of music from the fridge, smear it with butterscotch and throw it smack in their faces. Gluttonous bastards.

To carry on the rare Post Punk period of music downloads that should have ended 2 weeks ago, this week I’m giving you what is actually a rather rare treat, as in it took me ages to find a decent copy of this album to listen to. This week i give to you “Lowlands FLight” by MINIMAL COMPACT.

Now Minimal Compact were your perfect cult post punk/indie band of the 80s in that they were well-known to serious music collector and ardent followers of the scene, but practically unknown to anyone else. This was probably due to that fact that they weren’t British or American. MC was a bunch of Israeli emigrates who had travelled to Amsterdam to escape the then prevailing attitude of their home country. After a couple of false starts, they started to record and release music through the Belgian Crammed Discs label (who are best known for releasing world music such as Konono No. 1). They released a slew of albums and 12″ records throughout the early to mid 80s and achieved a fair measure of success (except for the UK naturally, where they only got a solitary John Peel session for their troubles). They split in  1988 i think, but according to their Wiki they’ve reunited for a couple of shows in the past few years, so fair play to them!

“Lowlands Flight” was their 4th LP, released in 1986, and was released as part of Crammed Discs subsidiary “Made To Measure series” label.  The music starts off with the piano led “clock bird” whereupon the album is a mix of slight goth tinged post punk music and ambient echoes, with at times, a definite Middle Eastern /Israeli musical feel to it (tracks such as “Ararat” for example).

There are also a few extra songs that the original compiler added to this album, such as a couple of tracks from their 1st and last album, as well as a couple of cover songs from Led Zeppelin and The Yardbirds.

THis album is rather rare nowadays, and is am excellent addition to your collection. You know why? because i said so, that’s why!

You can try Minimal Compacts’ “Lowlands Flight” HERE

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