Saturday Night Fighting Music: 1991 Indie Dance special!!

07 May

My God this weekend has been a busy one already! Mrs Sex Farm is off to that bastion of disillusionment and shattered dreams (Selfoss) for a Hen night. that last text i received from her stated that The Bride to be had been arrested. Good times! This doens’T mean that i will be debasing myself again. Oh no it won’t!

And today when i wasn’t spending 2 hours at my local comic shop as part of free comics day, i was at a Gallery and bookstore opening, not necessarily for the free alcohol. the sun has been shining and it’s a wonderful sight to see Icelanders bear all when the temperature reaches the giddy heights of 11 Celsius!

As for tonight i will be banging it with my friend Aðalsteinn and some choice death and black metals bands (note: they have a few litres or lambs blood at the ready), possibly followed by some mutant disco. That’s how we roll bitches.

But for tonight’s fighting red mist mix, i take inspiration to a series of programs from the BBC last night that centred on the Indie/Brit Pop invasion of the ’90s. In particular there was an archive program from 1991 that caused a bit of a twitter meltdown amongst myself and several other people (sample tweet: “whatever happened to FUCKING KINGMAKER???”). so the music from tonight is exclusively from that programme. Ahhh the memories..

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