Sunday Cult film Corner: “The Andromeda Strain (1971)”

08 May

Ahh Sunday, the day of rest and recovery. The Farm is slowly picking up the pieces of our broken consciousness as we drink copious cups of tea and collectively go “durrr” at YouTube videos of Adam Curtis docs and the Saturday night Live character Stefon (the coolest club kid in New york apparently). But the time for supine thrills and undemanding entertainment for something a little more substantial. Maybe an intelligent Science fiction thriller with some nasty extra terrestrial viruses. Hey, i know what we should all watch. Ladies and Gentlemen, i give to you THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN.

Based on the novel by Michael Crichton, the andromeda strain tell of the efforts of a group of 3 scientists to examine and combat a lethal extraterrestrial organism that arrives on earth after a US satellite falls to earth. The organism has a rather nasty habit of killing everybody it come into contact with by turning their blood to dust. Can they find a way to stop it spreading and placing mankind in peril.

The Andromeda Strain is an interesting film in that it completely eschews big flashy bombast and action scenes for a more reasoned, intelligent, science based approach. Well the main characters are scientists after all. The tenson comes from the strain the scientists put themselves under to try to defeat the organism, the other fact is that the organism seems sentient and resists attempts by the scientist to combat it.

the movie has a fly on the wall feel to it with a lot of scientific processes and language used. It all comes across as rather realistic in its atmosphere, spurred on by an entirely electronic soundtrack that contains eerie drones and machine like beeping precision, which is still a rarity in movies these days.

So put your feet up and get your inner scientist thing going on as mankind battles against weird space germs that will KILL US ALL!!!

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