Music Moment: Minimal Man, “Heaven Lies”

09 May


Yes i can start to feel my brain shutting down right now. Have looked and felt like a cadaver today du to lack of sleep, so I’m going to head straight off to bed. Have to sort out an interview with some people tomorrow (but need to get a couple of things confirmed first), then (if i´m not too sidetracked) i should be going to the opening of STÓR SKUGGI MONTANA an installation/exhibition put together by Iceland favourite children’s disco entertainers, STILLUPPSTEYPA. This is getting just a tad weird for me as it will be the second gallery opening I’ll have been to in less than a week. Could it be that i am finally evolving in my intellectual capacity and moving past my boorish, infantile tastes. Or could it be that there may be free beer there? I certainly hope it’s the former.

So for tonight’s music, I’m finding myself drawn to a cheeky dark little number from the 80’s that i first heard on a mixtape last year, “Heaven Lies” by MINIMAL MAN. Minimal Man was, along with likes of Tuxedomoon and Factrix (another favourite of mine), one of the prime movers and pioneers of early industrial music in the USA. This track from his 1986 album “Slave lullabies”, starts off with some guitar created noise, before settling into a shuffling padded beat and a minimal electronic sound. All that’s left to flesh out the feel of the track are the strung out vocals and mournful violin. As gothic as a smouldering Lord Byron attending a Dracula convention at Whitby (so very gothic then…)


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