Music Moment: Zombi, “Shrunken Heads”

10 May


so it’s happened again. For the 3rd year in a row, Iceland had to wait till the every last slot to find out that they’ve reached the finals of Eurovision. HOORAY! REJOICE! ÍSLAND ER BESTI Í HEIMI!! I only watched 5 songs as we ended up watching the Apprentice instead. Kind of  having a forced enema as opposed to being repeated kicked in the balls for 2 hours. Some people have said that we should all get behind Iceland now they’re in, and to be positive about it all. Not me. I just can’t bring myself to raise any effort to like a song that frankly is as weak as this country’s currency. Sigh, I’ll probably watch some of it on Saturday, but thankfully i won’t be getting drunk as I’m working. Grateful for small mercies and all that.

Meanwhile the Grapevine twittered a review of the Gig that i went to on Saturday from Currents Online (the one that had some industrial noise, followed by lots of Death, then Black metal. spicy!), It was a nice short review, but exploring the site i found out some excellent news that top-notch horror prog synth duo ZOMBI are releasing their new album “Escape Velocity” today! Why was i not informed about this people? I need to be on the cusp of EVERYTHING that happens in the music world. How else am i supposed to do my job? God Dammit!

Ok i really need to stop watching the apprentice. But anyway, here is one of the tracks from the new album titled “Shrunken Heads”. It’s classic Zombi with the very slow burn arpeggiated synth lines flickering in and out for about a minute until, like finally managing to tune into a decent radio station, it becomes stronger and then the cyclic beat kicks in (which sound more drum machines than the usual organic stick thwacking). This really should have been on the OST to TRON: Legacy. But perhaps only if it had zombie electronic avatars eating the likes of Tron and Clu for their hard drive brains or something.


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