Free Music Dump: The freshest shit, straight from the udder…

11 May

Yeah i know. in these days of the internet, the idea of free music gets a battering. It was supposed to be that the internet would give you all freer access to more quality music, often dealing straight with the musician or band themselves. what people didn’t realise though was that 99.5% of this new free music would often turn out to be complete cack. Some random squeaking sounds that should be been aborted the moment their musical “creator” decided that he too was gong to be a music star.

Well help is at hand as for this latest installment, i try to sift through the wades of aural sewage, to find those little glinting nuggets that hope may denote shiny jewellery that was accidentally flushed down the toilet. It happens more often than you think.

First up we have the EP “REmixes” by Templ▲te. Despite the obvious Witch House connotations, what we have here are five tracks remixed by the mucker himself. Some of the tracks such as Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” are slooowed down to an almost electronic shoegaze feel. But there are hardly any of the usual Witch House motifs here, such as overloading synths and tinny beatboxes. It’s very listenable…


Next up is the free single “In you Room/ Single Man” by GHOST ANIMAL released by Amdiscs, it’s 3 tracks of simple overloaded 60’s power pop with the guitar parts dominating the proceedings before the cymbals stab your eardrums during the chorus. Classic lo-fi sounds from over the last 5 years. If that is something that you’re into then download straight away.


For our next offering, we have something rather interesting. A mini album titled “Barest Bones” by a group called BRUT CHOIR. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas (Where Bill Clinton is from Pop fact fans…), they’ve produced some rather dark and disturbing gothic synth-led post punk sounds. Lots of simple beats allied with haunting drones and some spooky echoey singing and guitar sounds. Could easily have been released in 1982 from Belgium if they weren’t careful. I actually downloaded this album and i listen to it a lot. It’s a “name your Price” offer, but if you’re skint, you can get it for free….


Last, but definitely not least, is a very fine EP from a good buddy of mine, Mr KEMPER NORTON. Kemper has been producing a lot of music for a while now that he has given away for free. It could be mental illness, but maybe it’s because he loves music and feels that you should share in its beauty as well. For his latest EP, “Libraries Act”, he has created 4 tracks that have been given titles that are denoted with numbers from the Dewey decimal system (search it on YouTube). Denoting his style “slurtronica”, the first track has a simple piano led sample with a spoken word track in the background. It sounds something that could have been created by Roy Budd for a Michael Caine thriller in 1973.The rest of the EP contains broken, overlaying samples and field sounds glued together with skittering beats to create a very Cornish Hauntological sound.


Now go away. I have more important things to do, like catergorise my bellybutton fluff in order of hairiness…

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