Music Moment: Com Truise, “Fairlight”

12 May


So I’ve been flogging my body and soul to the point of degeneration today as i’ve been going to the gym again after a break of a few weeks and i’m feeling it, like a body craves sugar or heroin. Now before you start sniggering, to paraphrase Michael Caine in Get Carter, “I may be a big man, but i am in bloody shape”. Well, at least i thought i was, but trying to run 8km in 42 minutes can turn your muscles in jello meat packs. Oh and then off i popped to work. That was a great idea.

So now i’m slouched in my seat with the BBC question Time (or as i call it “when several people steal oxygen  from the room without paying for it, for an hour”), and some Finnish Tango Music in the other (don’t ask). I need a change. And this track from 80’s style hypnagogic master COM TRUISE should do the trick “Fairlight” has been around for a few months but it still feels fresh to my ears. Lots of heavy hitting vintage synth sounds with a soft boogie rhythm. And to consolidate the 80’s feel, the video is packed with snippets of old computer loading screens, computer graphics and old Hi Fi adverts. Makes me hanker for the Likes of Airwolf and Street Hawk for some reason…


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