Saturday Night Fighting Music: Eurovision Special! (Or – I hate you all and i wish i was dead…)

14 May

Right now my well of human kindness is so shallow it makes Tobba Marinós look like a Nobel Prize winning physicist. Last nights shift was fucking awful as the sticky, oozing mob that we call “our customers” decided to have a laugh by FAILING at all areas of human existence, followed by some of them thinking it would be a brilliant idea to let off a bunch of fireworks in the bar at closing time. I have now realised the human beings are essentially scum.

I am tired, frayed and i have to do it all again tonight. Oh yeah there also bloody Eurovision on as well. There is the possibility of free music at the new citadel of “BIG COCK! WE ARE SO BRILLIANT! ICELAND!”, Harpa, but Lights on the Highway and Jónas Sigurðsson og ritvélar framtíðarinnar? fuck. that.

Iceland’s answer for Eurovision domination this year is “Coming Home” by Vinir Sjonna (Sonny’s Friends), a quite frankly tepid piece of faux ragtime cack where everyone is just that little bit too pleased with themselves. For those who don’t know, the song was voted as the winning entry on a wave of sympathy after the songwriter died of a heart attack before the finals. Of course once it was voted, the nation kind of went “wait, did we really vote for that??”. In fact the most popular Eurovision song this year in the charts has been the pile of shit that was in Second place, “Ég trúi á betra líf” (i believe in a better life or something) by Rockstar has-been Magni.

But let’s not dwell of the underpant Skidmarks of this year, when there are so many rancid skidmarks from years gone past. If you actually end up killing somebody in a red mist of rage tonight, i guarantee that if you tell the police that you were listening to these songs, you will be found not guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility..

Mrs Sex Farm has been watching me type this and she has noted that i am”such a happy fellow”. I think she is trying to poison me…

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