“Sunday Cult Film Corner: “Save the Green Planet! (2003)”

15 May

Well today has been a good day. ok I’ve not had a massive amount of sleep, but I’ve managed to conduct an interesting interview regarding Tango music in Iceland, followed by some record buying at the local flea market and then COMICS! this weeks reading – “Lex Luthor – Man of Steel”, “Laika” about the first animal into space, and some early Hellblazer (just for shits and giggles you understand).

but now is all about the wonders of cray warped celluloid. and for this week, i have another new entry to the canon of cult movies from the far east, specifically South Korea. Ladies and gentlemen i give to you from 2003 SAVE THE GREEN PLANET!

Directed by, Jang Jun-hwan, STGP tells the story of Byeong-gu, a disturbed man who believes that earth is in imminent danger from an alien race who have taken human form. in his quest to find the truth, he and his girlfriend capture a Pharmaceutical company executive, and proceed to torture him into confessing the aliens plans. As the film progresses, It transpires that the company the executive works for has laid Byeong-gu’s mother in a coma due to being poisoned in a botched pharmacy trial. The film ask your to decide. Is Byeong-Gu a lone hero trying to find the truth about an alien plan to destroy the Earth, or is this a case of a traumatized man who is clearly off his fucking rocker?

STGP is one those films that manages to laugh out loud funny one minute, sad and touching another minute, then bloody and disturbing the next. The film achieves a brilliant level of sleight of hand as it first comes across as a wacky sci-fi comedy of mistaken identity, only for it then to become MUCH darker and bleaker as time goes on. there is also some rather relevant commentary of the role of mankind and its impact on the earth itself and a satire of South Korea recent industrial history. But at the heart of it all, it’s bloody entertaining. And don’t take my word for it as it managed to bag numerous awards on the international film circuit when it was first released.

So do yourself a favour and get a cup of tea, and prepared to be fascinated and horrified by some of the best cinema that Korea has to offer..

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