Music Moment: SIΔMESE NOIR, “Eros”

16 May


So some real work has been conducted down here at the farm. My interview from yesterday has been typed and is now with the dark demon of the typeface (or as i like to call him, Haukur), so that’s one bit of stuff off my mind. Am now thinking about what to do with my time this weekend as Mrs Sex farm is apparently off to see her friend up in he the north. Her friend also works at another sex farm that cares for mutant two-headed sheep, where one head looks like Jónsi while the other head looks like the lead singer from Nickleback. you really want to love to do that kind of farming.

As befits downtown Reykjavik, there’s quite a lot to do out and about this weekend, so I’ll make a decision nearer the time. But for now i’ll just be listening to music and slowly let my neurons shutdown to “neutral”

But not before we get tonight’s music up and running. Have been listening to a lot of new witch house stuff today and over the weekend, but i came across a fan video to the track “Eros” by SIΔMESE NOIR. SN is the alias for a mysterious New York based solo artist who makes music that could be classed as witchery House stuff, but the heaviness and noise is emphasised more in the rhythm than in the synths. Eros for example, has a viciously dirty and distorted bass beat that belies the distant icy vocal samples and near ambient synth sounds. A malevolent children’s lullaby is ever there was one. Oh and his entire discography can be downloaded for free at bandcamp. The man is a downtempo Santa Claus!


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