Music Dump: Tones on Tail, “Pop” (1984)

17 May

Currently reading my copy of the Wire Magazine that arrived in the post today. A lot of comment about the issue of music, digital formats, downloading the acceleration at which people are now cannibalising the past to mould their musical tastes in the present. although there are interesting points, i don’t have that much insightful thought about it right now at this very second, but most of the music i collect is a mix of stuff i get for free (to review), stuff i buy and stuff which i get on the naughty-naughties, and almost all of this is in a digital format, which belies a lot of the old music that i download. Take my music dumps at which i offer you some of my digital music collection for “free”. By doing this am i harming some guy who expect some form of royalties to but a new shed, or am i looking to enhance people knowledge of our recent musical past (especially in lceland, where knowledge of music in the outside world can be sorely lacking sometimes ). Something tells me that if i think too much about this, i could end up straining a few neural pathways that would lead to both dribbling fits and developing a love for David Guetta.

Sorry for that previous paragraph. Was just getting a couple of ill-formed, random thoughts down there that was for me and me alone. You’re not really interested in that, are you? you want musical sweets you  greedy fucks. The sort of aural candy that gets handed out by a sleazy, crusty old man wearing an overcoat with some very suspect stains on it. Well i am happy to oblige you little brats as i look wrap up my so-called 80’s POST PUNK MONTH.

For my last installment in this segment, i’m going to give you a true piece of cult post punk pop music that i’ve touched on in the past on this blog. Heralded as a piece of forward thinking “pop” music full of little quirks and truly arresting moments, this week i give to you “Pop” by TONES ON TAIL.

the short story is that Tone On Tail were the side project of Daniel Ash (guitarist for Bauhaus) and a few of his old school friends. While Bauhaus was a decidedly gloom gothic affair (“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” anyone?), TOT was a markedly lighter affair, encapsulating a mix of styles from Simple jazzy soul pop to avant funk rock and ambient electronica. From 1982 till ’84, they released a slew of singles and 12″‘s before finally releasing their only album, “pop”. Pop has numerous high points, such as “War” and “Real Life” which seemed to predate a lot of the dance pop that became prevalent in the mid 80’s. But the two real gems are “Performance”, a storming electro pop record that stands the test of time, and “Rain”, an 8 minute epic that’s really two song, the first half a lush ambient piece of electronic manipulation, the second half a slow heartfelt piece of pop brilliance.

So if you want to have a go at some proper Pop music, then try “Pop” HERE.

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