Music Moment: Squadra Omega, “Murder In The Mountains”

17 May


So we were going to the cinema tonight to watch Thor, but Mrs Sex Farm had to work late (cos she slept in and stuff. HAHAHA!), so that was nixed. And then i got called into review a couple of bars at the last-minute. Of course it’s a Tuesday night so there was no hard partying, rampant lesbian sex (a lot of it happens apparently) or obscene underpant abuse occurring. But i filed my report like a good pro and have spent the evening looking at The Daily Shows Jon Stewart wipe the floor with FOX News’s Bill O’Reilly over their fake outrage of a rapper going to the White House. Man he stomped all over the old man’s feeble arguments. Surely charges must be brought or something, it was gruesome.

As for tonight’s music i turn to Jonny Mugwump and his exotic pylon radio show. Tomorrows show has two sets, one from skewed musician Dolly Dolly, the other from the Boring Machines record label. They’re an Italian label that specialises in music containing dark gothic stylings and vivid, visual stylings that bleed into the aesthetic. I knew of such acts as Mamuthones, Fabio Orsi and Father Murphy, but looking through their artist roster brought me to an outfit named SQUADRA OMEGA. They’re an ever morphing collective that throw themselves into free-form acid rock with a mix of Komische and freak out electronics that treats music as something to be destroyed, broken down and rebuilt into a shining psychedelic avatar. I’ve been listening to some of their stuff tonight and it rocks a big one, to the point where I’m now buying their self titled album. Here is one of the opus tracks from said album. A sprawling jam with elements of drone, jazz, post punk and ambient, with a little spoken word in the middle. It’s fabulously rich with layered sounds of haunted cathedrals, howling caves and giallo deaths in the mansion. Damn the Italians. Wonky at politics, but good at making music.


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