Music Moment: Tropic of Cancer, “A Color”

23 May


Evening there funmeisters! I so desperately need to get some rest, but right now i can feel the encroaching of my “work” approach like the obligatory ashcloud of doom. Spent tonight getting most of a review of my little trip to the theatre over the weekend formulated into something that resembles the words of someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. I also need to contact the editor about a couple of album reviews as well as possibly doing an interview with some people whose art i see everyday on the way to work and it looks disturbing shit. and i may not know much about art, but i like disturbing shit. It’s my meat and gristle as they say.

As for tonight’s music, i head back to what i know and love best. Gloom, drone, echo, gothic vocals and clangorous bass sounds that go “dooooooooooong!” like a big bell. Of course i´m referring to TROPIC OF CANCER from the ever reliable blackest ever black label. This is the lead track from their recently released EP, “The Sorrow Of Two Blooms”. That sinewy minimal post punk sounds of Pre- Pornography Cure, Joy Division, etc, etc abound. But it’s the care and attention to detail in the production that kind of makes them a bit like a goth version of Broadcast.

And even though the 12″ inch is sold out, the download release is avail for less that 2 quid! 2 QUID?? For quality music at that price, i think it may be more expensive to illegally download it! Do yourself a favour and get hold of a copy forthwith.

Music to wallow in and hope that it never gets better.


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