Music Moment: Bongwater feat Ann Magnuson, “You Don’t Love Me Yet”

24 May


Ok things are picking up speed and spiraling out of sweet, sweet control. Theatre review is DONE. Interview with Art gallery is sorted for TOMORROW (now i have to work out what sort of questions to ask her). Need to get my little music column piece up and running. Have a good idea, but it’s coming up with a slew of decent ideas so it can continue that’s the difficult bit.

Oh and i Actually bought an album for reviewing. Yes i bought and album to review with my own money. I’m not really sure why i did that. Could be that i love music n’ stuff. Oh well it was cheap, but  i haven’t listened to it all the way through yet. Initial thoughts; some good tracks, some really weird (in not that good weird), tracks that I’m sure was put on the album by mistake. It will come out in the wash, i can assure you of that.

So for tonight’s music I’m interested in something a little bit uplifting with a sliver of psych pop to it. What could i possibly use. I know how a cover made by BONGWATER featuring Anne Magnuson on vocals of the “You don’t Love Me Yet” which of course was written by Roky Erikson during his days with the 13th Floor Elevators. Sounds melodic and a little bit dreamy and emotional. It’s just pretty and colourful and stuff. My god, what’s wrong with me????


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