Music Moment: The Horrors, “Still Life”

26 May


sorry, still busy. Another article finished and another one started. And another interview idea has been suggested for me to do. At least this one is rather interesting, but I can’t commit to it until after this weekend. But the kind folks at Iceland Review have green-lighted my next piece for their little media empire, which i shall name “sekrit project Mongoose”. I often have to keep pinching myself that this is all just supposed to be a bit of a laugh that I’m doing in my spare time. It certainly feels more like a bloody job now. Whinge…..

But some music for you all. Oh yes, let’s see…. Wait a minute a brand new track from THE HORRORS was unleashed to the world a couple of days ago. Now their last album “primary colours” gave me a bit of a shock in 2009 as their first album was pretty woeful. I actually liked it so much i said it was my favourite Non-Icelandic album of the year. I think i was high on meth at the time i wrote that.

No matter, though it was a really great album that i played till my MP3 player melted like a chocolate bar. This new track “Still Life”, seems to have gone a little bit further back in time from the late 80’s shoegaze stuff to the more psychedelic pop in the early 80’s. It’s all in the distinctive synthline that comes in at the intro and seems to complement Farris Badwan’s vocals in a weird way.  I’m getting whiffs of Echo and the Bunnymen, and like a lot of other people the lingering musk of Simple MInds. This will see them move into larger places probably. Time for that 80’s stadium rock revival?


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