Music Moment: Violens, “Be Still”

29 May


neurons are sparking all over the place this evening. Right now listening to music to review. some of is actually pretty good. Lots of prawper ROCKNROLL and all that stuff. Also today got all excited about an old skool DnB blog that i needed to share with a couple of people. And work is coming along nicely. Something tells me that June will be a fun time for all! MWAHAHAHA!

But for tonight, a little music tip. For some inexplicable reason, I’ve been playing this song on heavy rotation all this week. It’s the latest song from NY indie pop band VIOLENS. maybe it’s the hijacking of that late 80’s/early 90’s indie pop sound that i was listening to a lot of at the time, or maybe it´s the use of the rhythmn to accentuate the guitar parts. Whatever it is, it seems to have laid some rather nasty sonicworms in my mushy brainparts. Highly addictive


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