The Sunday Cult Film Corner: “The Plague Dogs (1982)”

29 May


Yes the Farm has again flickered into some for of life. After gong off the blink for a few days. But that’s what happens when you decide to venture into the country to experience some fresh air, space, and no internet connection. At one pont i was actually forced to speak to a fellow human being face to face, without the aid of some sort of internet based communications forum. It was certainly a little awkward I’ll say. I ended up hitting him in frustration and got drunk on Red wine instead.

But all of that is behind us now. We’re back in civilisation and blogging must commence! And as its sunday, then we are all in the need of some top quality film transference. Now being a sex farmer, i know all about the needs and rights of animals, especially when it comes to their right to party. But when you have animals who are used for experimentation, then that is another matter. And one such person who also knew this was novelist Richard Adams, whose books about animals and the hardship they faced at the hands of man is the basis for this weeks cult film. Ladies and Gents, i give to you THE PLAGUE DOGS.

Based loosely on the Adams novel of the same name, The Plague dogs is an animated feature film that tells of two dogs who escape a military testing lab after being subjected to some rather horrific experiments. While on the run, they have to deal with the twin threats of the harsh realities of living in the wild, and the fact that they are being hunted by the military as they may be carriers of a plague based bioweapon.

Made by the same people who created the other more well-known adaptation of Adams, Watership Down, the films boasts the usual cream of British acting talent, Such as John Hurt, Warren Mitchell, Patrick Stewart, Nigel Hawthorne and James Bowlam. Also the film version is rather more bleaker than the novel, with a very ambiguous ending as to whether the dog will survive or not.

I will almost guarantee that you’ll find your eyes starting to mist over watching this film. Some of the scenes are especially heart wrenching, like the scene with the farmer and the gun. It’s really the sort of film that really doesn’t get made these days, as it would almost certainly be thought of as too dark and terrifying for this generations delicate youth.

If you’ve read and enjoyed the likes of Grant Morrison’s We3, then this will have you blubbing like a hyper emotional tear making machine.


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2 responses to “The Sunday Cult Film Corner: “The Plague Dogs (1982)”

  1. diarmuid

    June 6, 2011 at 8:53 am

    it’s richard adams dude. i was really confused there for a minute. still great mind. loving the musical and cultural ramblings. keep it up!

    • bobcluness

      June 6, 2011 at 10:25 am

      Ah bloody hell… THis has now been changed. Cheers for the heads up. I got rather confused now myself….


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