Music Dump: Denmark Special (or… in your face Haukur S. Magnusson!!)

30 May

So to get ourselves back up to full speed, i should really be dispensing with some lovely music for your listening pleasure. And without further or do, i will give to you a special music that has been inspired by the person mentioned in the blog posts’ title.

For Those who don’t know, Mr HS Magnússon is a local bon viveur, gadfly and the erstwhile editor of our fine paper the Grapevine. But often he doesn’t really write that much about music. The reasons for this have been hard to ascertain, but apparently, all we know is that the last time he wrote about music for the paper, the band Dikta left a severed horses head in his bed with a note “Next tim we r comin fur ur cats!”

However there is one rule on music that Haukur does swear by. And this is that there is no, or never has been any decent rock music from Denmark. Whatever the reason for this enmity is only between him and his therapist, but he does have a point. There aren’t that many totally outrageously rocking bands that come from Denmark. Mew? Munich? pah, they are not fit to be illegally downloaded for my Mp3 player. I know my friend Eimear will vouch for Efterklang, but i haven’T seen them live so i can’t add them.

But i think this can’t be right. There has to be some great music from Denmark. And to prove him wrong, i SCOURED the breadth and depth of the internet…. and i came up with 2. Yes, only 2 bands. Well, it was going to be three bands but due to a fuck up, it’s now going to only be two. But man what a duo they are!

The first (and newest) of this bunch are ICEAGE. I’ve mentioned these guys before, but it’s worth mentioning them again. A foursome from Copenhagen, who make a punk racket that just overflows with energy and zest. And as they are young, they also seem to have that Ramones style inherent dumbness and total lack of disregard for their personal safety or hygiene. And that is exactly what you want from your kids these days. They recently released their debut album “New Brigade”, and i will say, hand on heart, that it’s one of the most exciting albums I’ve heard in a while. They have the tunes, while the production vales ensure that it gives a kick without taking out all the noise and energy. a rare thing these days.

If someone doesn’t make the executive decision and get these guys to Iceland, then i will probably fling my own filth at the department of culture and tourism, till they relent!

Next up is an old, slightly lost, but underrated classic. Did you know that Denmark has a post-punk scene? Me neither, most likely because most of the bands were truly awful and deserve to be banished to wastes of music oblivion.

But one band did stand out from all of them, making some rather fine music along the way. This band was SORT SOL. Sort Sol used to be a punk band known as Sods before changing their name. Despite being classed as punk, they made effort post ´79 to become more expansive, taking in influences such as Joy Division, becoming slower, more spacious, darker, even gothic. With a simple sound they made music that wasn’t really being made by anyone else in Denmark at the time.  The featured album “Under En Sort Sol” is their second album, released in 1980. An underrated classic.

Last but not least, are the mighty…. oh wait a second. Now i was going to Introduce some music from the mighty noise/free Jazz/ punk rock mentalist outfit known as SELVHENTER as it seemed that they have an EP available for free on But unfortunately, this is actually from another band also called Selvhenter! What are the bloody chances of that happening? and despite scouring the internet to find somewhere where i can get hold of a copy of their EP “Lun elegance” or their latest 10″, no seems to be selling it. Sigh… i seemed to have fucked up on this one. Oh well, here is a live video from them instead…


Well, i don’t know if that’s enough to dispel Mr Magnússon’s displeasure fo the Danes, but if you want to hear for yourself, you can try ICEAGE and SORT SOL RIGHT HERE!!


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3 responses to “Music Dump: Denmark Special (or… in your face Haukur S. Magnusson!!)

  1. Louder!

    May 30, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    i’ll vouch for eimaer about efterklang. they are fucking brilliant and their live show really trumps their excellently composed and produced albums.

    i happen to be a sucker for some usually classified terrible danish bands, but i’ll add a few you’ve clearly overlooked here:
    slaraffenland, tweexperimental dudes also on efterklang’s label; the raveonettes, undeniably cool in their boy-girl jmc-sludgeness; under byen, creepy experi-tronica suited for horror films; trentemøller, duh; and motherfucking JUNIOR SENIOR, which if you don’t find super fun, you are DEAD INSIDE.

  2. Haukur SM

    May 30, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    I like ICEAGE. We should get them for the Airwaves.

    I don’t review music or gigs anymore because I am a practicing musician/dancer so it would be weird.

    My first record review of an Icelandic band was actually about Dikta’s first album, whose name I forget. Back when they sounded like At the Drive-In. It was a quite positive review if I recall correctly.


    • bobcluness

      May 31, 2011 at 12:07 am

      A fair enough point, but remember this, i have a large crowbar and retractable police baton you can hide under your pillow if you incur their wrath again!

      Dikta like At the Drive in? What the hell happened to them? Some kind of Faustian pact i assume…

      As for ICEAGE, i’ve been doing the usual hard lobbying to get them in, including cryptic threats to the president regarding ruffling his hair. If it happens, then i shall take all the credit as per usual…

      And of course i have completely forgotten about FOSSILS didn´t i?


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