Music Moment: Bikini Kill, “Double Dare Ya”

31 May


I. Am. DONE. Final review winded its way to the paper this morning in records time. And all i had to do to get it done was to deny myself sustenance in the form of breakfast. One day i will be able to live purely by PC monitor photosynthesis and Icelandic cheese. I  may have to shed my hair in order to do it though…

But tonight’s music moment is partially inspired by a book I’m currently reading, “Girls to the Front: The true story of Riot Grrrl” by Sara Marcus. A rather engrossing read, even if you weren’t old enough to remember when Riot Grrl was active in the early ’90s. always remembered loving the tunes, being right on with their feminist politics, but also being a little frightened by them, mostly because i was a teenage boy with the social skills of a malformed foetus, and they were fierce in a good way.

So tonight’s song is the Classic “Double Dare Ya” from Kathleen Hanna fronted BIKINI KILL. This song, along with Sonic youth’s “Swimsuit Issue” was probably the best feminist songs coming from the Alt-rock scene in the ’90s IMHO. Wonder where that fire is today? Hmmm….


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