Video Dump: UNKLE, ” Money And Run (feat. Nick Cave)”

01 Jun

Just seen this video this week (ironically while watching a bit of that wheezy old dog-eat-dog of a show The Apprentice). I’ve never been too hot on UNKLE. For some reason their music rings a bit hollow to me. And their latest song “Money and Run” does sound a bit too much like crappy Kasabian bloke rock. But the fact that it has Mr Cave on vocals increases its likeability threefold. So now i can tolerate it.

What does grab is the video. Directed by Tom Haines (Tunng, White Denim), it certainly tries to tap into the whole class war sentiment that has been running through the UK over the last year or so. A quartet of moneyed, privileged,  psychos act all Bullingdon Club and lord it over their country estate, abusing some women and council estate teens. I think it tries to portray them as toffs, but i feel they come across more as 80’s wideboy loadsamoney city traders who were no different that the kids from the estate they confront, apart from the 50 million quid they’ve received in bonuses of course.

But whoever they are, they behave like barbaric orcs of the free market, with one scene or attempted sexual assault with the assailant wearing a Maggie Thatcher mask for good measure. It’s not subtle by any means, but i was getting some whiff of JG Ballard in that for all their money, privilege, and security they had basically bored and indolent, so were looking to provide stimulus in extreme psychopathic ways.

Fucking shocking the way they carved that chicken though…

(Poss NSFW – has violence, both physical and sexual. Also has a Maggie Thatcher mask which may cause you to vomit…)

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