Nordic Interstitial Thresholds: “Filth…”

05 Jun
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Filth… , posted with vodpod

Well it’s that time of the month again where i lay down my pen and turn to my jagged rusty wheels of steel, as it’s time for another NIT cast! (as Robin keeps referring to them..)

As it was getting closer to Summer, i was getting my head around to maybe putting together a mix that was, well…. a little upbeat, happy even. But of course that was until Iceland decided to test the Apocalyptic waters AGAIN with the eruption of the volcano at Grimsvotn. In the end, it didn’t last long, but it was a furious eruption, blocking out the sun,covering most of the South East of Iceland in thick ash, and throwing a thin crust of dirt all over Southern Iceland. the sight of the ash cloud approaching Reykjavik was especially ominous…

So this music tries to capture the nature of filth and dirt. The first half is about the filth of the flesh, before getting some decent bleach on that shit. The second half… man it certainly gets an a heavy Neo-Iindustrial/Medieval tip. Picture those pox-ridden plague monks dragging their bony carcasses towards the eruption shouting “Unclean! Unclean!”

I promise i will try to lighten up for next month. That’s if a plague of Locusts and Frogs haven’t descended upon us by then….

If you liked the mix, then please feel free to download a high quality copy HERE

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