Music Moment: Svend Christiansen, “Pyramider”

06 Jun


Sorry about that, i was just having a self kicking-my-skull-into-a-million-tiny-pieces moment. A major interview i did a couple of months ago has been published, but I’ve just found out that there is a major factual error in it that i and everyone else had missed! thankfully the person who is the subject of the interview was really nice about it and the rest of the piece. I´ll provide more details tomorrow, after I’ve seen if i get the piece changed (which is highly unlikely)

hmm, i think this is starting to get to be a major problem. I never used to be this careless/pseudo dyslexic about checking for spelling errors/mistakes when i was younger. I´m starting to get the feeling that this could be a rather nasty by-product of how things like mobile devices and the internet have altered how myself and many people now consume information. We just skim stuff, gleaning the facts and words at flickering speed, but not delving into the gritty detail. And dspite th fct tht i’v tpyd ths whol centense rong, u cn still undrstnd wht i’M saying, despite the obvious mistakes. But i work in letters now. MUST TRY HARDER!! ¨

Sigh… so to tonight’s music piece, and it’s back to Denmark we go. Now like many people out there, i didn’t know that Denmark had a burgeoning  history of pioneering avant-garde electronic music, like they had in Poland, Germany and, to a lesser extent, The USA. But apparently this was the case. There is an album that was released earlier this year that i’ve been meaning to getting around to purchase, titled “PIONEERS – The Beginning  of Danish Electronic Music“. It contains some of the landmark pieces of Danish electronic music from the early ’60s, right up to the late ’70s. Lots of weird musique concrete sounds, early forays into ambient music and beats that would have made Stockhausen beam with glee. Oh and you can check the CD out here.

Tonight’s track from said album is by a man Named Svend Christiansen. I can find practically bugger all about this guy, except to say that he produced an exceedingly messed up split LP with another artist from the Pioneers album who went by the name of Fuzzy (I’m not making this shit up). If you want to, you can check that album our over at Mutant Sounds if you want. This track “Pryamider” is an involving dark ambient pieces, that starts of with a dull bass throb, before delicate high-end sounds pierce the barren soundscapes, before settling into some rather freaky library music style noodling that you’d get from a Psychedelic Doctor Who espiode. Danish people eh? Who’d have thought it?


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