Music Moment: Vessels, “The Trap (live at Abbey Lodge)”

09 Jun


Right now it feels a little bit like that moment in the film “The Perfect Storm”, where you sort of know that something is really bad on the horizon, but you’re not really sure just how bad. Am about to send two articles over to my Lord & Skeletor Haukur, to which another few pieces are now in my inbox and need to be done this weekend. No problem you say, except I’m “Working” at Bakkus, which means that i will surely resemble some kind of semi refried husk of a Zombie come Sunday evening. And i don’t even get to break the story on the illegal animal experiments going on at the SS hot dog factory in Selfoss. That’ll have to wait i suppose…

But for tonight’s music, i’M going to offer you a track from a band that was suggested to me by my friend English drug dealer pharmaceutical prescription worker Elly Oracle. VESSELS are a band from Leeds, Elly’s hometown who have been tagged as post rock, but that tells you more about those people’s music tastes than they care to wish. This has more of a chugging kraut mathrock feel to it. They Rock waaaay too much to be a simple “Post” genre. Loveing the drummers stick action in the video.

I think the guys could be a good Airwaves addition. another one to add to my ever-growing list. anyway this live track is from their latest album “Helisocpe”.

Now if you’ll excuse me, i need to find where i left some scraps of my brain.


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