Saturday Night fighting Music: Dabbi Guetta 360 Psychedelic Clusterfuck Special..

11 Jun
Ok i can’t type that much because of the picture above. Yup that happened to me just a couple of hours ago so that’s why my post is a little late. but a couple of things to note.
I am no longer working as a doorman! This is a weight off my shoulders as i no longer have to deal with scum of the world and their rancid ideas of entitlement.I am now just a lowly spod at the bottom of the rung, just like you…
But as i was preparing dinner a YouTube video facing the Voldermort of Dance music David Guetta started playing and the images of pain and despair was so great, i tried to cut my finger off to take the pain away.
But as i am a giving kind of person, why should i keep the pain all to myself? Share and share alike is what my mum used to say…
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