Music Moment: Anstam, “Baldwin”

13 Jun

oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Good day today. Day off work due to a public holiday, so i had a lie in, finished my interview piece, went to the gym, made a whole load of food, invited a couple of good friends over and discussed politics and protest songs. Yeah, we are THAT intense and exciting. haven’t really engaged with mah online buddies today. Today was about the real, physical environ. Think i may have sort-of managed to “square the circle” about another piece that’s slightly run aground. Today=WIN.

and for tonight’s music i offer a piece of music that’s has beguiled and intrigues me over the last few weeks. ANSTAM are an incredibly mysterious German duo who makes highly compressed, pressured DnB music. They released  a record in 2009, then went very quiet, but have released a new 12″ on the Modeselektor “50 Weapons” label with this as the title track.

The breakbeats are squeezed into very small musical compartment whereupon the heat is then turned up. Along the way the track is peppered with ghostly plucked strings and theremin style sounds and discordant synths, before releasing things momentarily with the odd forceful bass synth blast. Actually rather hauntological in its aesthetic. Reminds me of the likes of Shackleton and T++.


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