Reykjavik Grapevine: Arts: Live review: “Enter The Monsters Club…”

13 Jun

So i’m not a regular Arts/theatre goer, but when i do, i usually prefer to watch something that makes me want to go and get a shower afterwards. Such as the dance piece “WE SAW MONSTERS” at the national theatre during the Reykjavik Arts Festival last month.

And you can read my review of it HERE.

Strange thing is that although i mentioned him, the review doesn’t mention the other soundtrack composer (and dancer to boot) Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, erstwhile member of Stilluppsteypa, Evil Madness, and numerous other wonky avant electronica ensembles that can’t be mentioned here. The soundtrack was the best thing about the piece.

As for the acting/dancing, he already got some practice at last year’s Villa Reykjavik…

I don’t know about you but i think he may be fucked in the head…..

(Edit – Just had an e-mail from a guy named Ben Hernstrom from Ambulantic Video who made that video and asked to be credited with it on this post. So people, that video was created by this guy. Go and see his other videos as well when you get a moment…)

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